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Body psychotherapy incorporates various techniques to address a wide range of mental and physical health concerns.

Tarot readings are perfect for self-development, making choices, manifesting goals, planning life paths and decisions.

I aim to guide you towards achieving goals that you never thought possible. I do this by helping you discover your limiting beliefs.

Workshops are for small groups of individuals who wish to approach healing or manifestation as a group, or wish to resolve a particular milestone together.

I include Energy healing, Meditation, and several other mediums in my sessions to optimise your healing process

Certified tarot reading, chakra healing courses are available online

Madhvi N Juneja

Therapist | Healer | Life Transformation Coach

Live life not by default, but by design. Identify, transform and manage your Relationships, Finances, Career, Emotions and Health.


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November 2021
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Have been awarded best life coach 3 years in a row

2017-2018 Best Life Coach award by Holistic Wellness Awards
2018-2019 Best Life Coach award by Holistic Wellness Awards
2019-20 Best Life Coach award by Holistic Wellness Awards

My Ideology.

I discovered that every single person, myself included, could not only live the life we desired, but it was extremely simple to create it for ourselves. And ever since that realization, there has been no looking back. I’ve always realised that I had a purpose, and I am deeply grateful that I am in a position to help others people realise theirs. I have created my happiness and my path, and embraced my life’s goal.

Madhvi N Juneja.

+91 96542 51010

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